by Japaeti

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Abacus is the debut record from progressive metal band, Japaeti. Released December 21, 2012, Abacus is a concept album based around "Japaeti revealing itself to The Listener."


released December 21, 2012

Japaeti is :
Johnny Bisaha | Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Paul Hessing | Lead Guitar / Keys
Chris Cunningham | Bass
Tom Rasulo | Drums / Percussion
All music written, performed, programmed, and engineered by Japaeti
Bass on “They Don’t Understand” performed by Jake Sheehan
Acoustic guitar tracks for “Beyond Their Capabilities” engineered by Brett Strommen
Recorded throughout 2012 at Broken Glass in Hollywood, CA.
Vocals for “A Voice Unspoken” recorded at Boulevard Recording in Hollywood, CA.
Mixed by Tom Rasulo
Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording in Winston-Salem, NC.
Art & Design by Johnny Bisaha
Thank you to everyone who supports us and our passion.



all rights reserved


Japaeti Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Milestone

[I think it's a sign, i've been wasting time, I need your rhyme.]
Track Name: Beyond Their Capabilities
Beyond their Capabilities

[In opposition, I've awaited alone. A premonition: my fate is shown.]
Track Name: They Don't Understand
They Don’t Understand

[I listen not to the outside, for the answers all lie within.
"And you'll listen deeper, for that lie is what keeps you in."]
Track Name: ABACUS

[Notes Red, Space is Silver, Black Scheme.]
(Tonight, the calm dark – drift with it. Dance with it. Feel its embrace.)
Track Name: A Voice Unspoken
A Voice Unspoken

I arrive
to watch you die.
I arise
stare back into your eyes.

I felt you cry
I heard you lie
I watched you die
I saw you lie
I heard your cry
Now, I abide

You stand in awe.
The mind’s travels are far.

You accept what you see as the truth
No longer – For nothing is as it seems.
Our side, it shifts with us. Shift with us.
We drift, for there is much to be found
in every facet of knowledge.
So we dive into the unknown.

“I wish to know all.
The mystery encompasses me.”

Here, we are infinite.

Voices. Voices in my head.
Its voice hisses in my head.
Voices. Voices in my head.
Its voice makes my skin shed.


Voices. Voices. Voices in my head,
Its voice makes my skin shed.
Voices. Voiced hiss. Voice hiss in my head.
Its voice is in my head.
Voices. Voices. Voice hiss in my head.
Its voice hissed in my head.
Its voice has made my skin shed.

I felt you cry
I heard you lie
I watched you die
I saw you lie
I heard your cry
Now, I abide

[It is forbidden? Then thirst more.
Break the taboo, liberate from ignorance.]
Track Name: Writhed in Discrepant Variance
Writhed in Discrepant Variance

Thoughts begin to become clear.
Esqued vision from time passed.
A recurring opposition…
As though skin’s been shed,
I realign the thoughts in our head.

For your will is mine.
(behold our katabasis)

Your thoughts now pure.
No Judgement in these eyes.
Your second guess is my demise.

(but i understand..
So you question not -
your previous encounters
before have not understood
one word spoken.)

-They All Pretend-

Your destiny encompasses all you wish to see.
Just trust the shadows & familiar I will be.

Your spirit with me.
You yearn to be free.
Your will still with me.
I make you believe -
With a touch so rare
& a thought – you dare
keep secrets aware
of what may lay beyond there.

Thoughts begin to focus.
(become clear)
My wants. My needs.

Things, material or otherwise
will help achieve
a more positive reaction
from my inner psyche.

I want ______.
I need ______.

I illuminate
My thoughts.
All. Inner
& further inward.

I am your everything,
not only _____, but
wants, needs, desires,
memories, loves, losses,
mourns, laments, sorrows,
fates, lucks, all of
which lie within you.

All that you thought was real
has been shredded
& all that is LEFT
is my will.

(repeat this)

I believed you as a thought
& thought you would pass
but you just don’t stop
& I feel the pressure
pushing from within
out my skin.

All you thought was real
has been shredded
all that is LEFT
(is my will)

…but you just don’t stop
and I feel the pressure
pushing from within
out my skin..

Out of… my Skin.
Feel it..
Track Name: Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance

Thought, Path, Life syncopation
I think it’s a sign. (I need your rhyme)

I’m alone but this room is filled.
I’m chasing after a thought that doesn’t exist
I have felt this for (h)ours in the blaque of night.

I have felt hours fly by
I fear I will never leave this maze
(I enjoy it too much. I enjoy this too much.)

We must look for beauty within – the chaos.

I’m illuminated.

Behold, our katabasis.
Slow. In we breathe, ( as breath forgets. )

Notes Read. Space is silver.
Black of Night. (Nocturnal.)
Eternal Nocturne.

In the heart of the night there are no distractions.

I have been conditioned to think
what I think is ‘wrong’
is really ‘wrong’
when in reality
what is ‘wrong’ and ‘right’
are completely up to me.

I sit with this ABACUS in my hand…
point to point to point to point to point.

Comfortable in constant movement
(cognitive dissonance)

I am eye to eye with my other side.
I am materialized.
I realize
Does it really exist
Outside our mind?
Our mind?
Our mind?
Your MIND!

I obey the unknown
WIld wonders now surfacing
Full understanding -
further away from my past -
your past (insane)

When I reveal to them the truth,
greater, more natural
I will cave in no longer
I have seen the truth

Everything I need is inside my head.

The missing piece has been FOUND!


Desire what it desires. It. What?
Desire and it desires my needs.
Desire what it desires.

“voices in my head”


Both sides.
Both sides.

Impulses guide me.
“guide me.”


Tonight is perfect.
The moon, full
the air, it phases
My letting go begins now
Should I repeat the mistake
of leaving?


You stand in awe.
The mind’s travels are far.

I have stayed inside.
Inside my head.
They say don’t get lost in there..

But at times it gets difficult, like tonight…
Tonight, the calm dark,
I drift with it.
I dance with it.
Feel its embrace.

Feel its embrace.

Who knew you?
Who? new you.
Who new?

–dissertation reversed— backwards time travel–

New you, Tonight.
Both sides.
Voices desire truth.
All is a new vision.
Our mind : Nocturnal & Illuminated.

Tonight, both sides desire truth.
Our mind is a new vision.

Life path.
Path thought.
Life, Path, Thought.
Syncopate Life, Path, Thought.

(This has effected me so much, that I feel void of self now…)


( Daybreak )